How To Hire the Right Cleaning Company

      How to hire the right cleaning company for you and what you need to know. You never think about what you are doing when you think about hiring a cleaning company. You just go to the phone book or now the internet and social networks to find a company to hire. Do you wonder if the company knows how to clean? Do they have a system to clean that makes them efficient? Can you trust them around your valuables, your children or your pets? Will they over charge you and how do you know? 
     You should take note before you call to see if the company is licensed to do business in your state and if their people are bonded. The most important thing you need to know is insurance. The company not only needs to carry liability insurance but additionally carry worker's compensation in case one of their staff gets injured on your property. Be sure to clarify that when you call the company.  
     Does your company know how to clean? Start by asking the cleaning company to give you references from people they have cleaned for recently. However, most companies probably won't give you any references from clients that will give an unfavorable reference. You might consider checking with the Better Business Bureau to see if there has ever been any complaints against that company. A business who has a bad reputation will sometimes try to dissociate themselves from their prior working name and come out under a new name so that there won't be affiliated with unfavorable references or complaints. Know that if a business says they have been working for 20 years but you can't find them being in business that long ask the company did they ever work under another name and why they chose to change their name, then check their credentials under their old name.
    Do they have a system to clean that makes them efficient? You may want a company to do your baseboards every visit which is usually not under general cleaning for bi-weekly customers so be prepared to give up another service or to pay a little more for that service for each visit. Additionally, a good cleaning company who cleans weekly should alternate rooms to do extra services at no additional charges. To have a weekly customer means that you are essentially in charge of how clean that home stays. Your new company should also include extra services such as cleaning ceiling fans above 10 feet that may require a ladder which could be done if the customer has a ladder and do this with no extra charge for a weekly customer. The company should come in your home to clean after they know your needs and disperse their staff with a system in which they are going to clean your home to meet your needs.
     Do you want the same team coming to your house? Some folks don't mind not having the same team as long as the standards are maintained which speaks back to having a system in which the company cleans your home. Some customers want only the same team coming in their house because they know what the customer wants and any idiosyncrasies, for example the picture was in the middle of the mantle after cleaning and the customer always keeps it tilted more to the left side of the mantle. If that is important to you to have the same team request that from your cleaning company and they should willingly abide. 
     The cleaning company when they come to meet you should discuss your needs for cleaning and what you would like to have done. The team leader should customize a plan so that all the customer’s needs are met. You should find out if you will have the same cleaning team coming out every week or bi-weekly if you have certain rooms you don't want cleaned, it is important that objects remain in the same place or you have a pet that may not get along well with new staff in the home. An example of this would be if your cleaning team came on Tuesday afternoon and you get up at 5am the next day to shower and your soap is not where you normally put it nor your shampoo not a big deal but things that maybe you told one team, but then a different team comes to clean.
     Everyone has become eco-friendly now and it is a good thing for the environment but the big plus is for anyone who suffers with allergies, asthma or pulmonary diseases the chemicals aren't so irritable to their system. I don't know if there are any companies out there that don't carry green products but you can always request it and I am sure your company will abide and carry the eco-green products.
     Every cleaning company has the customer that only calls them on occasions such as holidays, family coming down or simply when they don't want to do the work themselves. Most customers like this already know how to clean their home and may only want the cleaning company to do the things that they don't want to do such as cleaning cobwebs from the ceiling corners, baseboards, oven and such. Your company should be able to give you an hourly rate just to do the things that you don't want to do. They should not automatically assume you need heavy cleaning since they have not cleaned your home in months but talk to you and see what you want out of this cleaning you might want to do your own dusting and vacuuming and just have them do what you don’t want to do. When in doubt that you think that you might be paying to much for services, I would call 3 other companies and get their estimates then you will know what the service is worth. Any company should do in-home estimates at your request.
     Finally, an inside secret don't tell your company this but most companies will do the upstairs and meet on the first level to complete cleaning. This is your time to go upstairs for a minute and see if they have met your needs. When they have completed the first level they will pack up the car and the team leader will come back to see if everything meets your needs and this is your time to go over everything and if it is not right they can fix it before they leave and or get paid.
      You should establish a good communication with your cleaning company immediately when they come to the door realize they are there to meet your needs and not the other way. No, employee should be on the phone working unless it is the team leader taking a call regarding cancellations or add ons. No employee should be smoking in or around your home. They should be friendly and polite to your family, guests and pets in your home and should work together efficiently to spend the least amount of time that it takes to do your house well whether you are hourly or flat fee customer.
     I hope this helps our motto, "We customize our services to meet the need of our customers." We also think: "You have it made when you have Amaid4u."

Stop making your children do your work:))

 "You have it made when you have Amaid4u"

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