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Amaid4u Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services LLC is known for its professional, thorough and cost-efficient solutions. We come recommended by a growing number of customers from both the private and commercial sectors.

Some Of Our commercial Customers Supporters:

  • Company Kozy Kottage Assisted living (410) 542-4569 Baltimore, MD
  • Company Somers Point Police Station, City Hall, Senior Citizen Bldg.
  • Company Morowitz and Company Absecon, NJ 
  • Company  Bathfitters -Laurel and Silver Springs, MD

What Our Customers Say About Our Work

Thanks so much! The girls did a fantastic job. The previous help slacked their way through a year and never cleaned anything. I would like to have your girls come back every three weeks. Let me know if this is ok?
Tina Driggus

"The employees in my company place great value on cleanliness. So it is a good thing that we can rely on Amaid4u Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services LLC, no matter the circumstance. The cleaning personnel are always punctual, they do their work quickly and conscientiously. Take our word for it!"


"Reliable and with an eye for detail. Amaid4u Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services LLC has been cleaning my house for years."

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I was out of town and came home to a clean house. Smelled good and looked great.

Sheryl Batten


Very good. On time and very thorough.

Roland Cooley


WOW!  Everyone is always very friendly and  full of smiles.  The crew has a great attitude and seem proud of what they do.  They scrubbed and polished my home beautifully!  Extreme attention to detail.  They even cleaned hard to reach areas that I believe would be considered "deep spring cleaning"  and they do it at every time they are here.  I am so impressed with this company, my search has ended and I am thrilled and relieved that i found Amaid4u.

Deidre is such a ray of sunshine.  Amaid4u is outstanding and exceeds my expectations in every area.  I had tried several companies over the last year and either their work was mediocre with a bad attitude or they weren't reliable.   Having my house cleaned throughly and with people that are proud of what they do is just so important to me.  So i kept up  with my search.  I truly feel blessed that Amaid4u Cleaning Company is servicing my home.  They are hard working They are tremendous!  If i ever move out of this area i will never find another company as good as they are!

TAMARA anderson


Description Of Work:
Housekeeping and laundry - 1BR apt.
Member Comments:
Overall, everything was done well.
D. Hooper

Networx - 5.0 stars

Review by: Natasha Work Description:

They do house cleaning.

Comments: I am most definitely happy with A Maid 4 U.

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4.38 out of 5 stars
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Ratings You Can Trust 
5.0 stars
Review by Hadiza M. in Bethesda, MD
Project: Clean House Interior (Maid Service)        
Comments: Amaid4u is an excellent service that does a fantastic job at getting everything cleaned thoroughly. Every friendly and good customer service as well. They respond immediately to my request.        
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3.83 stars
Review by a Neighbor in Takoma Park, MD
Project: Clean House Interior (Maid Service)        
Comments: The people with whom I spoke with directly (either by phone or in person) were very professional and friendly. They did a really good job on my first cleaning.         
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4.0 stars
Review by Sheryl B. in Columbia, MD
Project: Clean House Interior (Maid Service)        
Comments: Great customer service! Called the net day to determine whether I was satisfied. Reasonable price. Cleaned home thoroughly. Highly recommend!        
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4.5 stars
Review by Abdinur M. in Silver Spring, MD
Project: One Time Interior House Cleaning        
Comments: Amaid4u and their Management team Leasders were superb specifically Casandra Beamon who is one of the Office Managers, she stayed on top of the project from the beginning to the end. The relentlessly spent several days to crack and remove all the spectacles and any shred of smidges made the interior of the house including the Basement very appealing and inviting. They are superb and I recommend them highly. In addition, thier rates are absolutly reasonable.